Sofie (Wisj designs) and I both enjoy the thrill and joy of a new start, a new school year.
With this fresh start comes a fresh outfit of course and we’re already brainstorming about the outfits we want to sew for our girls.
To motivate you to sew your own outfit or an outfit for your kid/grandkid/cousin/neighbor/…, we came up with a sewing contest (yay):
The Sew Cool To School contest, hosted by Bel’Etoile & WISJ designs.

During the contest there’s a 10% discount, valid on all our pdf patterns.
Click here for all Wisj designs patterns.
Click here for all Bel’Etoile patterns.

To boost your sewing mojo, we have 6 prize packs for a total of over 1300 euro, sponsored by some of our favorite brands and stores!
Scroll down to read all about our sponsors and see all prize packages in detail!
First some more information about the contest:

How does it work?
The contest runs worldwide on Instagram from today (September 19th 2019) until
September 30th at midnight CET.
Sew an outfit using at least 1 Bel’Etoile pattern and 1 WISJ Designs pattern together.
You can definitely hack the patterns to make a combo in 1 piece or you can just sew 2 (or more) pieces.
Using our free patterns is allowed, but only if you’ve ever bought at least 1 WISJ designs
pattern and 1 Bel’Etoile pattern.
Take some stunning pictures and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #sewcooltoschool.
1 outfit = 1 entry (even if you post 100 pics, which we like, it doesn’t grant you extra entries 😉)
Tag and follow both @_beletoile_ and @wisj_sofie on Instagram

We’ll each be sharing our examples in the next few days, hoping to inspire you to make your own 🙂

How can you win?

1. Official winners
An independent jury will (anonymously) vote 3 winners for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, who will win prize packs of 550 (1st prize), 365 (2nd prize) and 200 euro (third prize) (*)

2. Lucky strikes
On top of the offical winners, we will randomly pick 2 winners from all entries using a random name picker app.
These 2 lucky sewista’s each win a prize package of about 50 euro!

3. Public’s favorite
You can vote too!
A prize pack of 180 euro will go to 1 winner which will be picked by ‘the public’.
All pictures (1 per entry) will be uploaded to our Facebook pages where you can come and check all of them out.
From the 1st to the 15th of October, you can ‘like’ your favorite entry.
The enty with the most likes, added from both our Facebook pages, will be the winner.

(*) Criteria for winning are: (1) correct entry: Were the contest rules taken into account?, (2) sewing originality: How creatively were the Bel’Etoile and WISJ patterns used together in 1 piece or 1 outfit?, (3) fabric-pattern use: How well do the patterns and the fabric(s) fit together?, (4) picture quality & originality: No need for extremely sophisticated camera’s, but a pretty, light filled picture is always more fun to look at😉

Our sponsors!

We are so very grateful to have the most amazing and generous sponsors who make these prize packs something both Sofie an I are very jealous of.
This means that it’s more than worth it to participate!!
At the bottom of this post, you can see which prizes they sponsored.
First, we want to thank all of our sponsors from the bottom of our hearts!

Who are they?

MeterMeter is a Danish fabric shop with the most beautiful collection of stylish fabrics.
Pia is a very friendly and helpful lady with the greatest taste!
She sent us a whole bunch of the most pretty fabrics. It was so hard not to make 1 or 2 meters disappear ;-).

Elvelyckan Design
The Elvelyckan Design ladies are like their fabrics: playful, kind, friendly and high quality. These sisters are so enthusiastic about their business and it’s extremely catchy. Sofie’s suitcase back home from Sweden was filled with 5 beautiful packs.

Nominette is a Belgian company that produces beautiful woven labels of all sorts. You can find labels with you own logo, size labels, festival bands, clothing labels, iron-in labels and more in their webshop. Good to know: all labels are Oeko-tex certified!

Madeline de Stoffenmadam
Madeline de Stoffenmadam is a name we all know. Nancy is as lovely as she is crazy!
I love her drive and noise a lot! With a gift voucher in her store, you are in paradise.

Atelier in’t Leerke
Atelier in ‘t Leerke is being run by two amazing ladies, Ann and Annemie.
They are both passionate about sewing and sell the most beautiful fabrics in their webshop and their store located in Edegem.

Toverstof is a very pretty shop with a very lovely and extremely funny lady. Svenja also likes to bring people of the ‘sewing community’ together with her cozy events.
She sponsored 3 lovely fabrics for you.

Family Fabrics
Family Fabrics blew us away with their first collection available in stores here. Now, they are on a roll with their lovely designs. They sponsored three of their most popular prints.

Wild Van Stof
Wild van Stof is a magnificent, giant, yet very cozy fabric store run by a lovely family. They are famous for having absolutely every fabric in every color. And for their ‘fabric packs’. You can just buy a nicely wrapped pack of fabric and everything else you need for a specific sewing project.
They sponsored a Frankie Fannypack pack and a Isa Sweater pack.

Lotte Martens
Lotte Martens is known for never ending quality and sparkling beauty. We were thrilled she wanted to sponsor two DIY packs and 1 handprinted fabric panel.

About Blue Fabrics
About Blue Fabrics is one of the happiest fabric brands I know and for us, they put French terry on the sewing map. They were so generous to sponsor several meters of their lovely fabrics.

De Stoffenstraat
De Stoffenstraat is a fantastic 2 stories high fabric store in Kasterlee. They offer all the basic fabrics you need, completed by beautiful design fabrics for every season. The whole team always makes you feel very welcome and help out wherever they can. Definitely worth a visit!

Eva Mouton
Eva Mouton was contacted by a star struck Isabel who was sitting in the same restaurant the night from the morning we decided which brands and stores we would contact for our contest. 😊
She a very talented freelance illustrator and by far one of the funniest ladies on Instagram. Her illustrations are colorful, relatable and fun to read! She also illustrated various childrens books and designs the coolest fabrics.

Chat Chocolat
Chat Chocolat is run by the sweet Véronique who has a great eye for design and color. We both love the types of fabric she selects and her graphic prints of which she selected two for these prize packs.

Editex is a belgian fabric wholesaler located in Lier.
They have some amazing brands in their range, such as Eva Mouton fabrics and Chat chocolat fabrics.
Fibrmood and La Maison Victor also work with them for their own fabric collections.
Together with Eva Mouton and Chat Chocolat, they sponsor 4 metres of fabric!

Stoffenschuur is indeed a ‘fabric barn’ with a great selection of fabrics and a lovely workshop space. Nathalie is very enthusiastic and helpful and we are very grateful she’s willing to sponsor three packs of ribbing for this contest.

Ansje Handmade
Ansje Handmade is a Dutch fabric store ran by the lovely Anouk. Anouk only selects sustainable and/or biological fabrics to sell in her store. She also hosts sewing classes and fun sewing days in her own workspace.

Mondepot is a designer fabric store based in Antwerp. You can find fabrics of various high quality clothing labels in their webshop at democratical prizes. Ann tests the fabrics herself before selling them so she knows exactly what she has in store, be sure to check her website!

See You at Six
See You at Six blows us away with the most beautiful colors and prints. Each time they launch a new collection, I have the habit of pouring myself a glass of wine (at a decent hour indeed and also: thanks Naomi 😉) and read through the blogpost drooling over the stunning pictures and pretty creations. We’re so happy Bart and Naomi are willing to sponsor a 100 euro gift voucher for their webshop.

The price packages

1st prize
(value 550 euros)

-2,5 meter Mind the maker fabric by Meter Meter
-1m fabric + matching ribbing & snaps by Elvelyckan design
-100 labels with your own logo by Nominette
-workshop of choice (value 65 euro) at Atelier in ‘t Leerke
-gift voucher of 35 euro by Madeline de Stoffenmadam
-75cm of fabric by Toverstof
– 1m fabric by Family Fabrics
-panel of Hendrickx Scuba by Lotte Martens
-fabric pack for making a Frankie Fannypack (WISJ) by Wild van Stof
-1m Megan Blue fabric by Stoffenstraat
-2,5m fabric by About Blue Fabrics
-1m fabric by Eva Mouton x Editex
-1m fabric by Chat Chocolat x Editex
-pack of 1,5m ribbing by Stoffenschuur
-4 pdf patterns of choice by Bel’Etoile
-4 pdf patterns of choice by WISJ designs

2nd prize
(value 365 euros)

-2m Nani Iro fabric by MeterMeter
-fabric pack for making a Isa Sweater (Bel’Etoile) by Wild van Stof
-1,5m fabric by About Blue Fabrics
-75cm fabric by Toverstof
-1m fabric by Chat Chocolat x Editex
-1m fabric by Family Fabrics
-1m Megan Blue fabric by Stoffenstraat
-200 size labels by Nominette
-pack of 1,5m ribbing by Stoffenschuur
-DIY basket pack by Lotte Martens
-1m fabric by Eva Mouton x Editex
-1m fabric + matching ribbing & snaps by Elvelyckan design
-3 pdf patterns of choice by Bel’Etoile
-3 pdf patterns of choice by WISJ designs

3rd prize
(value 200 euros)

-1m Megan Blue fabric by Stoffenstraat
-75cm fabric by Toverstof
-1,5m Mind the Maker fabric by MeterMeter
-1m fabric by Family Fabrics
-1m fabric + matching ribbing & snaps by Elvelyckan design
-pack of 1,5m ribbing by Stoffenschuur
-1m fabric by About Blue Fabrics
-DIY flowers pack by Lotte Martens
-gift voucher of 25 euro by Ansje Handmade
-2 pdf patterns of choice by Bel’Etoile
-2 pdf patterns of choice by WISJ designs

Public’s choice
(value 180 euros)

-gift voucher of 100 euro by See You at Six
-gift voucher of 30 euro by Mon Depot
-1m fabric + matching ribbing & snaps by Elvelyckan design
-1 pdf pattern of choice by Bel’Etoile
-1 pdf pattern of choice by WISJ designs

Lucky strike 1
(value 50 euros)

-1m Mind the Maker fabric by MeterMeter
-1 pdf pattern of choice by Bel’Etoile
-1 pdf pattern of choice by WISJ designs

Lucky strike 2
(value 50 euros)

-1m fabric + matching ribbing & snaps by Elvelyckan design
-1 pdf pattern of choice by Bel’Etoile
-1 pdf pattern of choice by WISJ designs

Aren’t these prize packs amazing?!
We hope you’ll be participating and look forward to all of your gorgeous creations!
Thank you!

Last but not least I want to write a special thank you to Sofie, I loved working with you my friend!

Love, Isabel