Ticino – new fabric collection

Yesterday, the boss ladies of Hello Heidi Fabrics launched their new fabulous fabric collection, namded Ticino.
Same as last time, the fabrics are produced by Albstoffe and are all GOTS certified.
The jersey collection consists of 6 lovely prints that are perfect for the coming season.
Take a look!

There’s a good balace between bright colored fabrics and pastel ones.
Can you guess which one is my favorite?
It didn’t take me long to choose, I went for the Ticino Bouquet Coral.
Right away I knew I wanted to make myself a jumpsuit, I just needed to think about the pattern I was going to use.
When I have a sleepless night, I like to brainstorm about my upcoming sewing projects and that’s what I did with this one too.
Suddenly it came to me, I would make myself Clara culottes, which have been on my list for a long time, and combine them with a seperate strapless top.
By wearing the top in my trousers, I would create the illusion of a jumpsuit and not loose the comfort of regular pants ;-).

I am so happy with the result!
I’m in love with the fabric as well as the wearing comfort of this set, I can totally see myself wearing this all summer for all different occasions.
Combined with a sneaker to keep it casual an with a pump to dress up.
I was in no way disappointed by the Clara cullotes pattern by Wisj designs.
Not that I expected to be but I never saw myself in culottes :-).
The sizing chart referred me to a size medium, which is perfect.
As soon as I have some sewing time left, I will make more of these!

I drafted this simple top myself.
It’s just 2 rectangles sewn together with an elastic to keep it up, a definite fast sewing project!
I never would have made this ensemble if it wasn’t for the summery Ticino fabric.
The fabric was named after a Swiss region where the Ticino river runs through.
It’s also the residence of Anne Bomio, the awesome designer Barbara and Bettina worked with to design this collection.
What an amazing result, don’t you think?

As I mentioned before, this is jersey fabric and one of the best quality.
It has a lovely drape to it but not to much to take the shape out of your garments.
The fabric consists of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane.
When the ladies launched their previous collection, Flurina, I got lots of questions of where to buy the fabric in Belgium or the Netherlands.
At that time, there wasn’t a retailer yet but now there is!
The Ticino collection is exclusively available in one of my favorite fabric shops, de Stoffenkamer in Gent!
Helena recognizes great fabrics when she sees them and that’s how she reacted to Ticino as well.
You can find all the fabrics here and if you want to feel them, be sure to visit de Stoffenkamer :-).
I’m a big fan!

This blogpost was established in cooperation with fantastic women, I thought that was worth the mention.
So thank you Barbara, Bettina, Anne and Helena!

Love, Isabel