Triple twinning

Whenever a new fabric collection is announced, I get really impatient, my head starts spinning with ideas and I want to get my hands on them to get started.
The same thing happened when I saw the first images of the new ‘Flurina’ collection by Hello Heidi Fabrics.
All beautiful prints which go so well together and matching ribbing, which seamstress doesn’t love that?
The different kinds of fabric make it a true pleasure to combine, mix and match, just have a look yourself ;-).

My favorite combination is this one: Garda (blue shade)/Verdone (dark green shade)

I applied for a spot as blogger for the new collection and was over the moon when I got chosen by the lovely ladies behind Hello Heidi fabrics.
My first idea was to make a whole outfit for Sterre so they sent me 1,5 m green/blue jacquard with flowers (slightly stretchy)), 80cm of the blue/green striped jersey, 1m of the green french terry and 50cm
of the green ribbing.
When they arrived and after I felt how soft the fabrics were, I changed my mind.
The beautiful prints and textures are perfect for women and kids so I decided to surprise Bettina and Barbara by making 3 outfits instead of 1: one for each girl and one for me.

The girls love their matching outfits! 🙂
Sterre got a maxi skirt and matching t-shirt.
Nova got leggings and a butterfly sleeved top with matching hairband.
(which she held on for exactly 3 minutes 😉 )
For myself I sewed a short sleeved Isa sweaterdress, perfect for spring.

The first sunshine got us out of the house and we enjoyed this time together!
Nova’s top and Sterre’s skirt are prototypes for new patterns, can’t wait to get started on drafting them in multiple sizes.

As you could read above, I’m wearing an Isa sweaterdress.
The pattern will be launched March 4th and I’m so excited to hear what you guys think about it!

A little bit more information about the fabrics:
You can go check them out on Barbara’s and Bettina’s website
The fabrics are GOTS certified and are produced in Germany by Albstoffe.
The Flurina print is part of the Hello Heido collection.
Apart from their own collection, they also have a broad collection of other brands and they ship throughout the entire European Union, totally worth a visit!
Thank you Barbara and Bettina for having me!

Fabrics: striped jersey, solid french terry, flower printed jacquard and solid ribbing – Flurina by Hello Heidi fabrics
Pattern dress Isabel: Isa for women – Bel’Etoile (release march 4th)
Patterns outfit Nova: Viola leggings – La Maison Victor & butterfly sleeved top – Bel’Etoile
Patterns outfit Sterre: Maxi skirt and shirt – Bel’Etoile

Thanks for your visit!
Love, Isabel